Hey, I'm Artem.

More than 8 years ago I took my backpack and moved to Germany.

At the beginning, I didn't understand how everything works: rented a room in a hotel for few days thinking that I'll find a flat meanwhile (nope), paid 20 euros for a 2-minutes ride with a taxi, lived at my friend's place on a mattress, paid fees everywhere and bought free magazines.

Barely survived but completed my master, changed few jobs, flats and the city. And now I would like to share my experience, help you to move to Frankfurt, avoid mistakes and get to the "enjoying apple wine on the riverside" step as soon as possible 👌

That's why together with the guys from How to Berlin I made How to Frankfurt. So that you can have a friend in Frankfurt who you can always ask, "How do I do that ...?"

Why can we help?

🚜 To get ready for moving

  • We'll figure out together which visa is right for you
  • Build plan for the move and define all the necessary steps
  • We'll advise you on which transport company to use, and what you might need in your new country
  • And help you not to forget anything
  • We make sure you're arriving in the right Frankfurt and airport🙈

🧘🏻‍♀️To pass the first steps without stress

  • We can help you find a temporary apartment
  • .
  • Select a bank and get a German account right away
  • Get a SIM card fast
  • .
  • Find the right stores, groceries and deliveries
  • Tell you where and how to buy coffee, apple wine and schnitzel
  • Tell you about Frankfurt and its rules
  • .

🧻 Handle the paperwork

  • Properly organize, translate and fill out the documents for the visa
  • .
  • Register and get all the most important numbers for taxes and insurance
  • Change or get a driver's license
  • Find a day care center or enroll your child in school
  • Open a sole proprietorship and get it all from tax deductions

🌭 Become a true frankfurter (not a sausage)

  • We' ll tell you about language schools and opportunities to study (almost) for free
  • Teach you how to be friends with your neighbors and properly recycle the garbage
  • Share important contacts: we'll recommend you a doctor, a tax consultant, a lawyer
  • Explain what winking is and how to buy wine when all the wineries are closed
  • Tell you all about festivals and vineyards

We solve problems

We can help you...

  • ✅ Understand how things work in Frankfurt
  • ✅ Survive the paperwork
  • ✅ Deal with taxes, driver licenses, insurances
  • ✅ Get a BlueCard or a freelance visa
  • ✅ Find an apartment
  • ✅ Get your kids to school or kindergarten
  • ✅ Relocate your beloved cat of doggo
  • ✅ Find a tax adviser
  • ✅ Register self-employment

We can't...

  • ⛔️ Solve problems with the law
    Better go straight to a lawyer
  • ⛔️ Give you legal advices
    In Germany, it's illegal to give legal advice without a license. But we can refer you to someone who has
  • ⛔️ Make the riverside better :(

How much does it cost?

Every case is individual for us, but for your convenience we have combined our services into packages.

I just have a question

...or just write to us

Tell us your story and we'll help you.
We can help not only newcomers but also local mates. Plus we have useful contacts in other cities.

Write to us with any questions:
+49 1590 375 15 23